ES Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

The ES Series of dewars have been specifically designed for the storage and transport of liquid nitrogen in laboratory and industrial applications. Vessel performance, coupled to a rugged internal design, results in a dewar for maximum durability, long life and minimum maintenance.


  • Robust design without compromising vessel performance
  • Pouring trolley (ES-25 only), roller base trolley & tipping stands available to suit all models
  • Pressure withdrawal devices available to suit all models
  • Loss reducing plug cap assembly
  • All polished stainless steel construction


Technical Data ES-25KF ES-35KF ES-50KF
Capacity (litres) 25 35 50
Neck Size NW50KF NW50KF NW50KF
Vessel Dia 406 406 406
Vessel Height 610 745 950
Weight Empty (kg) 13 17 25
Weight Full (kg) 33 45 65
Evaporation Rate (Ltr/Day) 0.7 0.9 1.1
Tilting Trunnions Yes Yes Yes
Pouring Trolley Yes No No
Tipping Stand Yes Yes Yes
Base Ring Trolley Yes Yes Yes
Dispensing Head Yes Yes Yes