ALD-25 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

The ALD-25 is the latest addition to our range of liquid nitrogen storage dewars. It is the ideal vessel where a lightweight dewar is crucial and the user demands long hold times. It is ideal for laboratory and medical applications, as well as industrial operations where the specifications meets the users requirements.


  • Ideal dimensions & shape for ease of handling and pouring
  • Compatable with transport / pouring trolley, tipping stand & roller base
  • Liquid withdrawal device available
  • Five year warranty

Model ALD-25
Capacity (ltr) 25
Static Hold Time (days) 131
Evaportation Rate (ltr/day) 0.19
Necktube I/Dia (mm) 50
Height (mm) 581
Outside Dia (mm) 395
Weight Empty (kg) 6.8
Weight Full (kg) 27.0